A severe collision can often compromise a vehicle’s underlying frame or chassis, even if it’s not apparent from the outside. Our advanced techniques can get things back in line, restoring the structural integrity. The frame of your car is the most important part of your vehicle, so let the experts at Ciocca Collision take a look. After an accident, it’s crucial that our auto service technicians inspect the frame of the vehicle to identify any potential issues.

From minor dings and scratches to bigger dents and structural issues, we have the extensive experience and specialized equipment necessary to restore your vehicle to its original condition or better.

Our skillful paint matching ensures a seamless blend with your vehicle’s original color, resulting in a pristine finish and protection against future blemishes. All paint work comes with a lifetime guarantee.

From windscreen cracks and shattered side windows to broken mirrors, our team can handle any auto glass repair. Some cracks can be easily filled, preserving the structural integrity and leaving little evidence while saving time and money. Otherwise, we offer full glass replacement that matches your vehicle’s fit and finish.